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FL‑BKM03, Olympus, System Cameras , PEN & OM-D Accessories


Twin Flash Bracket to mount two flashes next to the camera body
  • Professional flash bracket
  • Possible to mount two flash units
  • Extreme compact for transportation


A Flash Bracket supports for example portrait shooting or macro shooting, in order to avoid unnatural shadows which may appear in the photograph when the external flash is mounted on top of the camera, or to prevent the flash itself or flash attachment from being damaged due to the contact.
With the Twin Flash Bracket the arm angle and flash position/angle can be freely adjusted, it is possible to enjoy flash shooting using any ZUIKO DIGITAL lens including ultra-wide-angle lenses. Also dual-flash macro shooting is possible without interfering with the dual-axis variable LCD monitor, which really comes in handy when macro shooting with free-angle Live View. If the FL-BKM03 Twin Flash Bracket is used together with the FL-50R/FL-36R Electronic Flash you will get a wireless remote flash system with a dual-flash system without requiring complicated wiring.


  • Possible to mount one Flash on each side of the camera body
  • The attached Flashes are professionally fixed and secured from shock
  • The user can enjoy hassle-free Live View shooting at any angle
  • The bracket can be folded down for transportation

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