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OM-D E-M1 Mark III

Why E-M1 Mark III?

Go further with your handheld shooting style

A fully portable design, coupled with uncompromising image quality under all conditions, makes the
E-M1 Mark III your ultimate tool for getting breathtaking results. Take your professional photography to new heights – from nature and landscape to night shots to videos – without being weighed down.

Portability made for professionals

Breathtaking photos without the bulk

The OM-D E-M1 Mark III is a professional model which captures high-quality images from a compact, lightweight camera system – enabling top-level shooting under all circumstances.

Unrivalled portability and comfort

Just half the size and half the weight*

Greater freedom of movement
With its compact, lightweight design, the E-M1 Mark III and M.Zuiko Digital lens system lets you fully concentrate on shooting. During photo assignments in rough or rugged locations, you’ll enjoy an easier climb up slopes – allowing you to shoot from the best spot.

*For interchangeable lens cameras, as of February 2020.

Longer shooting with less strain
During handheld shooting, the light weight of the E-M1 Mark III and M.Zuiko Digital lens system ensures you experience less strain and tiring. It also fits perfectly into a small or medium photography backpack, making it cabin-proof.

Excellent grip
The E-M1 Mark III’s grip gives you a more secure hold and sure handling, especially ideal for handheld shooting or when using telephoto lenses. The overall design is ergonomic and intuitive, enabling you to easily reach buttons, the Multi Selector and dials.

World’s best image stabilisation*

In-body 5-axis image stabilisation
Perfect for clear handheld shooting and night scenes is the E-M1 Mark III’s in-body 5-axis image stabilisation (IS) with gyro sensor. It delivers up to 7.0 shutter speed steps of compensation, or up to 7.5 steps of compensation with 5-axis Sync IS available with compatible lenses.**

*For interchangeable lens cameras, as of February 2020.

**7.0 steps with the M.Zuiko Digital ED 12‒40mm F4 PRO at a focal distance of 40mm (35mm equivalent: 80mm); 7.5 steps with the M.Zuiko Digital ED 12‒100mm F4 PRO at a focal distance of 100mm (35mm equivalent: 200mm), halfway release IS OFF, frame rate: high. Both conform to CIPA standards, when corrected on 2 axes (yaw and pitch).

Without image stabilisation

With image stabilisation

Stunning clarity
The 5-axis IS also gives you clear image quality during high-quality handheld shooting at low ISO levels – such as in poor lighting or at night. The compensation performance even makes “handheld shooting for 4 seconds”** possible, without a tripod.

*For interchangeable lens cameras, as of February 2020.

**According to Olympus testing conditions. As shooting conditions vary, results are not guaranteed.

Clear, sharp image quality

TruePic IX image processor
To realise a range of shooting functions, the E-M1 Mark III has the newest image processor: TruePic IX. Handheld High Res Shot, Live ND, Starry Sky AF, etc. are now possible with just one efficient processor. To achieve the same high performance, the E-M1X requires two TruePic VIII processors.

20M Live MOS sensor
The 20MP Live MOS sensor, together with TruePic IX, provides top-class images with the high optical performance of M.Zuiko Digital Pro lenses. It catches the light captured by the lens to deliver rich images with clear details. The anti-reflective AR Coating reduces flaring and ghosting directly on the sensor.

Full range of M.Zuiko Digital lenses
With more than 20 M.Zuiko Digital lenses to choose from, you have one for every photo assignment. From zoom to prime, fisheye to ultra-telephoto – advanced lens technologies realise high-resolution images for a wide range of scenes.

High-resolution shooting

Handheld High Res Shot
Designed for locations where it is not possible or convenient to use a tripod, this feature provides crisp images and greater noise resistance thanks to a composition equivalent to the high resolution of 50MP. Made from 16 images, it is especially ideal for landscape photography which requires sharp details.

Download High Res Shot example

How Handheld High Res Shot works
Minimal movement naturally occurs during handheld shooting. To provide clear, sharp results, this movement from one shot to the next is utilised to generate a single, high-resolution photo equivalent to that captured with a 50MP sensor.

High Res Shot

Tripod High Res Shot
Especially for landscape photography, this feature generates a single high-res shot equal to that captured with an 80MP sensor. The E-M1 Mark III’s image sensor is moved in 0.5-pixel increments to capture 8 images, which are then combined. At the same time, artefacts such as rippling water are supressed.

Download High Res Shot example

Live ND

Save on space and weight. Built-in Live ND enables long exposure effects in bright conditions, without the need for an external filter. The level can be selected, from ND2 (1 EV step) to ND32 (5 EV steps), and the effect of the shutter speed can be seen live on either the viewfinder or the monitor before capturing.

Tom Ormerod
Olympus Visionary, United Kingdom

“The sun had just set and the edge of the clouds were still just lit, as the lights across the city began to come on. I used Handheld High Res Shot mode to capture all the scene’s details.”

Watch video

Absolute reliability

Full shooting freedom

To meet the needs of photographers who shoot in various fields, the E-M1 Mark III is built around a solid magnesium alloy body, weatherproof sealing and renowned dust reduction system.

Shooting in every situation

Weatherproof construction
Shoot in any climate or environment – without the hassle of a rain cover. So you can concentrate only on shooting, the E-M1 Mark III features an IPX1 dustproof and splashproof body which is also freezeproof down to –10°C, a construction highly regarded by professional photographers.*

*For a weatherproof system, choose a weatherproof M.Zuiko Digital lens.

Magnesium alloy body
Thanks to its solid magnesium alloy construction and advanced weather sealing, the E-M1 Mark III is extremely durable while remaining lightweight. This give you more shooting freedom on photo assignments in rough or rugged environments.

Long-life shutter unit
The E-M1 Mark III meets the requirements of professional photographers who are prolific and enjoy capturing the perfect shot. This is because it has a highly durable shutter unit rated for 400,000 actuations*.

*According to Olympus testing conditions.

Fast USB Power Delivery

If your photo assignment keeps you on the move or takes you to remote or cold locations, just hook up a power bank with Power Delivery to your
E-M1 Mark III. Use it to charge the battery in as little as two hours thanks to a maximum power supply of 45W – or as a power source to continue shooting.*

*2. 9V 3A, 15V 2A or 15V 3A output power supply is required. Charging is only available while the camera is turned off.

Dust-free image results

Swap lenses without a worry. The SSWF on the E-M1 Mark III enables you to avoid spots on images due to dirt or dust that could collect on the sensor. That’s because the sensor vibrates ultra-fast to instantly remove fine particles. Olympus pioneered this dust reduction system and incorporates the special dust-reducing coating from the E-M1X now in the E-M1 Mark III.

Pro-level monitor menu

My Menu
Customisation and fast access to your desired settings makes the E-M1 Mark III your ultimate photography tool. Save your most frequently used settings – up to 35 – in My Menu. Just press the Movie button to register, remove or sort a My Menu item.

Custom modes
The user interface gives you easy and fast access to four Custom modes. Each mode – C1 to C4 – lets you store a favourite setting, depending on your most frequently occurring shooting scene or your shooting preferences.

Optimised control panel display
With the E-M1 Mark III, you have the highest control over your photography and shooting style. The Control Panel mode on the back monitor lets you check the camera’s most essential settings at a glance.

LV Boost
Adjust the brightness of the Live View (LV) display to suite the location – making it easier for you to view subjects in darks scenes, such as at night when photographing stars. Switching LV Boost on/off can be assigned to an Fn button on the E-M1 Mark III, and settings changed by turning the dial while pressing the button.

Image management and back-up

Quick image selection
To quickly select multiple images at one go, simply turn the dial while pressing the Movie button. This means you can share, organise and delete images more efficiently.

Dual card slots
Absolute reliability also means having high photo capacity. With two memory card slots – one UHS-II and one UHS-I – the E-M1 Mark III continues to deliver high performance even when one card is full. This lets you save shots on both cards, or you can always have a back-up, so a photo never goes lost.

Geraint Radford
Olympus Visionary, United Kingdom

“Working at such close distances gives very limited depth of field. So I set my E-M1 Mark III to focus stack 9 frames. The result is a lot more depth whilst maintaining a diffused background.”

Watch video

Pro-level autofocus

Performance without compromises

The autofocus system for the E-M1 Mark III has been taken further with an advanced AF algorithm which captures the right moment at just the right time – also for moving subjects.

121 focus points

With an autofocus area that covers 75% vertically and 80% horizontally, the
E-M1 Mark III can track moving subjects across a wide range accurately. The special cross-type layout lets you hone in accurately on your subject or scene and capture it in sharp quality – both in the centre and at the edges of the image.

Ultra-fast Sequential Shooting

Maximum 18fps AF/AE Tracking Sequential Shooting
Capture the right moment with the highly accurate AF, which perfectly follows the subject during high-speed sequential shooting. Shoot at 20.37 million effective pixels, and record max. 76* continuous RAW shots at 18fps – or have a buffer of max. 286* continuous RAW images at 10fps.**

*When using a 32GB SD card, Silent Sequential L C-AF, shutter speed of 1/1000 sec., widest aperture setting, Face Priority off. Shooting speed drops when using ISO 8000 or above.

**In Sequential Shooting mode L.

Maximum 60fps AF/AE Lock Sequential Shooting
This function is perfect for focusing on a fixed spot on ultra-fast-moving subjects and capturing split-second details in high definition that the human eye cannot see. The fast sequential shooting performance catches every moment of the action at a high 60fps.

Multi Selector

Get the great composition you expect thanks to the multi-directional AF point selector. It allows you to quickly move the AF position while looking through the viewfinder. During sequential shooting and while recording video, you can quickly move the AF area to suit your moving subject.

Starry Sky autofocus modes

Focusing for astrophotography, normally with manual focus, is now possible with autofocus in high accuracy. Admired by professional photographers, this function is a must for all photographers who shoot starry skies seriously.

Evolved Face/Eye Detection

Improved portrait performance
The accuracy and tracking performance of Face Priority and Eye Priority autofocus have been dramatically improved. Thanks to the high image processing performance of the new TruePic IX processor and improvements in the AF algorithm, automatic detection and focusing has evolved.

For all portrait styles
Ideal for both freestyle and studio photography, the evolved Face Priority and Eye Priority tracks even small faces with full accuracy – also in scenes where detection is normally not possible such as the side of the head.

Various autofocus options

Single AF / Small AF
For subjects that appear small in the scene, the grid for the Single AF mode is ideal. It also works with macro photography in the Small AF mode, where fine, pinpoint focusing is essential.

Group 5-point
If you photograph sports or fast-moving subjects, this mode lets you focus on a medium-sized point within a group of people.

Group 9-point
To enlarge your focal area to 9 points, such as with larger moving subjects or at all kinds of events, select this mode.

Group 25-point
The more points you choose, the larger the focal area. This mode is especially useful for larger, fast-moving subjects.

All points
When your subject is a group moving across the entire scene, this mode is ideal for capturing the shot quickly.

Subject Tracking Cluster Display
Ideal for moving subjects, this feature makes it easy to focus when using the E-M1 Mark III’s AF Tracking function. A cluster display moving along with the subject lets you confirm that the subject is always in focus. The E-M1 Mark III also gives you Super Spot AF for macro shooting and Focus Peaking for manual focus assistance.

Additional autofocus options

Custom AF Target mode
Customise the AF target area to suit the behaviour of your subject. Select from 11 vertical or horizontal points, and from three levels of vertical and horizontal AF area movement steps.

C-AF sensitivity






Maintains the focus on the main subject while other subjects move in front of it.

Standard (recommended)
Best setting for a wide variety of subjects.

Further improves AF performance with moving subjects which quickly change direction.

C-AF sensitivity



AF response



C-AF sensitivity settings
To boost performance in maintaining the focus, you can choose from five tracking sensitivity levels to match the subject or scene.

AF Limiter
Delivering fastest autofocus performance, the AF Limiter lets you limit the autofocus range to prevent the E-M1 Mark III from focusing on other objects in the scene. Up to three AF operating ranges can be set, and you can assign it a custom control for instant activation and deactivation.

AF customisation for vertical/horizontal positions
You can set AF Target mode options and AF area positions in both horizontal and vertical shooting positions. For the most comfort in a vertical shooting position, add the optional HLD-9 Power Battery Grip with dedicated arrow pad, control dials and function buttons.

AF Low Intensity Limit
Make high-precision focusing in dark locations, or for low-contrast subjects, down to –6EV* effortless with this convenient feature.

*When using S-AF, ISO 100 and an M.Zuiko Digital Pro F1.2 lens.

Denis Smith
Olympus Visionary, Australia

Made for film-makers

Cinema-like movies

Like brilliant photos, you can also make amazing movies with the E-M1 Mark III. The specially designed image stabilisation also works with videos to ensure they stay sharp during handheld recording.

Watch video

Handheld 4K and Cinema 4K recording

Smooth movies without any camera shake in every situation – it is possible by the combination of 5-axis image stabilisation (sensor shift) and electronic stabilisation dedicated to video. It allows handheld video shooting in high-resolution 4K and digital Cinema 4K (4096 x 2160) without any extra equipment.

Full HD Ultra HD (4K) C4K



OM-Log400 + Grading

Enjoy more creative freedom in colour grading with OM-Log400 mode, made for post-production and editing. It provides a high degree of freedom during shooting without worrying about overexposure, loss of details in dark sections and highlights.

Autofocus for video

Single AF / Small AF
For subjects that appear small in the scene, the grid for the Single AF mode is ideal. It also works with macro photography in the Small AF mode, where fine, pinpoint focusing is essential.

Group 9-point
To enlarge your focal area to 9 points, such as with larger moving subjects or at all kinds of events, select this mode.

Group 25-point
The more points you choose, the larger the focal area. This mode is especially useful for larger, fast-moving subjects.

All points
When your subject is a group moving across the entire scene, this mode is ideal for capturing the shot quickly.

High Speed Movie (120fps)

Add cinematic dynamics to your movie by suspending the subject’s movements and giving your video a slow-motion perception. At the same time, it is recorded in Full HD quality (1920 x 1080) for breathtaking viewing on a Full HD screen.

External device connectivity

HDMI monitor connection
Serious videographers can connect an HDMI monitor for authentic video production tasks. Support for 4:2:2 output enables a greater range of colour correction. The Monitor mode enables external monitor use, and Recording mode let you record to an external recording device.

Hi-Res sound recording with LS-P4
Combine your E-M1 Mark III with the PCM recorder LS-P4 and get crisper, clearer professional audio with your videos. Zoom the audio to the sound source by adjusting the directionality of the microphone. This is ideal for nature recording, for example birdcalls when shooting with a telephoto lens in the forest.

Brooke Bartleson
Olympus Visionary, USA

Watch video

Special features

Pro Capture

  • Pressing the shutter button halfway – up to 35 images are stored in a buffer.

    The moment you want to capture

You are always prepared for the right moment. Pro Capture starts recording frames – up to 35 in the full-resolution RAW format – before the shutter button is pressed down completely. This enables the photographer to catch unpredictable moments in high image quality at all times.

For all shooting situations

Live Composite / Live Bulb / Live Time modes
These three features give you perfect control over your long exposure images. With Live Composite, Live Bulb and Live Time, you can see how the long exposure is evolving directly on the screen or viewfinder, and end it at the perfect time for the shot you want.

Focus Stacking and Bracketing
Increase the depth of field with your macro or landscape photography. Select from 3 to 15 shots to use for compositing a fully focused image – with Focus Stacking. Focus Bracketing records up to 999 images and these can then be used with Olympus Workspace to create a photo with even greater in-focus area.

Anti-flicker Shooting and Flicker Scan
The Anti-flicker shooting mode reduces the effect of flickering that tends to occur under artificial lighting. The E-M1 Mark III can detect the frequency of artificial lighting and activates the shutter at peak brightness to smooth out uneven exposure and colour between frames.

In-camera image adjustment

Without fisheye compensation

With fisheye compensation

Fisheye compensation
Enjoy having four lenses in one. Use the M.Zuiko Digital ED 8mm F1.8 Fisheye PRO as is or remove the fisheye effect and use the lens as a wide-angle lens in one of three aperture options. The correction effect can be seen in Live View on the E-M1 Mark III’s monitor or viewfinder.

Without keystone compensation

With keystone compensation

Keystone compensation
Capture architecture with straight lines, getting the same effect as shooting with a tilt lens. The effects can be seen in Live View while applying trapezoidal compensation and perspective enhancement simultaneously to the horizontal and vertical directions of the image.

High-speed electronic viewfinder

High-speed electronic viewfinder
The high-speed EVF keeps up with your fast-moving sports or wildlife subject – with a maximum of 120fps and minimum lag time of 0.005 seconds. It includes Optical Viewfinder Simulation (S-OVF), which makes it easier to check the details of your subject when shooting in backlit or dark scenes.

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