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ODDS: Smartphone dictation goes professional. Anytime.Anywhere.

Dictate the unexpected

Dictate, annotate and send. Olympus dictation for iPhone / Android is a beautifully simple recording app for making dictations on the go. Easy editing – insert, overwrite – and sending to get the voice file transcribed.
For companies, this means increased efficiency, decreased costs and getting more done in less time.

Olympus Dictation App
For Android and iPhone:

Free Trial!

To get the most out of your dictation app, why not try ODDS together with our ODMS transcription software? Download the ODMS R7 Transcription Module and test free of charge for 60 days.

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ODDS – The professional cloud solution

Olympus Dictation Delivery Service (ODDS) manages the transfer of dictations recorded with the Olympus Dictation app for iPhone and Android. In the event unexpected dictation is needed and you do not have your professional voice recorder with you, you can easily record and push the dictation into the organisation's system workflow to get it transcribed before you’re back in the office.

Olympus Dictation for iPhone/Android

Olympus Dictation Delivery Service (ODDS)

ODMS Transcription Module





Olympus Dictation Portal

ODDS Server


Email / ftps




Data security comes first

A company’s data is often its greatest asset. Once Olympus Dictation for iPhone or for Android is connected with ODDS, an organisation can benefit from a vast range of security features. Dictations can be recorded in DSS Pro format with 256-bit AES encryption.

This means that dictation files are protected even before they are sent via HTTPS or ftps – and cannot be listened to by unauthorised persons at any point in the delivery chain.

Seamless integration into existing dictation workflows

The audio format DSS Pro, an established industry standard for professional speech processing solutions, enables seamless integration and subsequent processing to get speech transcribed from all over the world.

Meta information such as author ID and work types are also stored in the dictation file itself. It's also possible to route dictations to a company's ftp server so that the typists can access the dictations wherever they are.


Olympus Dictation Portal

Olympus Dictation Portal (ODP) is a highly secured and flexible web-based configuration tool that allows administrators to centrally manage the Olympus Dictation app and corresponding ODDS licenses.

Configuration issues such as the destination address of dictations and encryption settings are controlled by the administrator, meaning that authors (the end users) are free to concentrate on dictation using their app. This keeps everything as simple as possible and avoids user errors.

A picture is worth a thousand words

There are many situations in professional life where the spoken word only really gains value together with a visual stimulus to accompany it. And many descriptive work processes where images are indispensible. Now experts, consultants and assessors can attach a picture to any dictation they make – no matter whether it was recorded using an Olympus DS-7000/DS-3500 recorder or the Olympus Dictation app – before sending both together to the typist.

Dictation & Attached picture

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