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Featured product ETD — Endoscope Washer Disinfector

Hygiene and ReprocessingGynecologyEar, Nose, ThroatUrologyOR IntegrationGeneral SurgeryThoracic SurgeryPulmonologyGastroenterology

Once you have had a chance to work with the Olympus ETD – designed to make endoscope reprocessing more efficient, while delivering enhanced comfort and advanced cleaning results – you’ll see the difference is clear.


ETD Double

EndoThermo Disinfectors

Ear, Nose, ThroatUrologyPulmonologyGynecologyGeneral SurgeryGastroenterologyHygiene and ReprocessingThoracic Surgery

Automated pass-through washer disinfector for the simultaneous reprocessing of up to three endoscopes. RFID-based tracing technology helps to significantly enhance your process safety.

  • Clean-side/dirty-side separation
  • Simultaneous reprocessing of up to three flexible endoscopes
  • Single channel flow monitoring

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EndoThermo Disinfectors

Ear, Nose, ThroatUrologyGynecologyGeneral SurgeryPulmonologyGastroenterologyHygiene and ReprocessingThoracic Surgery

Single-door, under-table washer disinfector with a capacity for up to two flexible medical endoscopes (optional capacity for up to four ENT scopes).

  • Patient safety
  • Product reliability
  • Accurate traceability and documentation

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