PLASMA electrodes for urology & hysteroscopy (1)

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Featured product PLASMA SYSTEM — Resection, Vaporization, Enucleation - Individual PLASMA Treatment


The PLASMA system is the smart choice for a safe, cost- and time-effective, proven therapy for patients with BPH and NMIBC. It is highly customizable, with optimized interaction between the constantly extended assortment of procedure-oriented PLASMA electrodes and an intelligent high-frequency generator.


OES Long Resectoscope

The extra-long resectoscope with a working length of 272 mm


The OES Long Resectoscope has been designed to be able to treat patients with long urethras or large bladders with PLASMA.

  • Extralong resectoscope for special patients
  • Improved visualization and low-pressure conditions
  • Modular design with specially adapted outer sheaths

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PLASMA Electrodes

Procedure-optimized electrodes


Olympus provides a full varaiety of premium-quality and innovative electrodes for PLASMA treatment in Urology, thus enabling surgeons to perform exactly the procedures and operation techniques that achieve the best clinical results for each patient.

  • PlasmaLoop for PLASMA Resection of BPH and NMIBC
  • Plasma-OvalButton für PLASMA Vaporization
  • Plasma-TUEBLoop for PLASMA Enucleation of BPH
  • PlasmaNeedle Electrode for PLASMA incision and en bloc resection

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