Morcellation (1)



Laparoscopic Power Morcellator


Especially during the morcellation of calcified tissue, a consistent good performance of the cutting blades is required. The moresolution morcellator is easy to assemble and guarantees a smooth and fast morcellation of calcified tissue.

  • A small control unit with simple adjustment of cutting direction and speed from 100–800 rpm.
  • 15 mm cutting module available in 120 mm or 170 mm working length.
  • Peeling tip to promote peeling of target tissue and avoid tissue coring.
  • Activation via grip module or foot pedal possible.
  • Adjusting ring with "cut" / "no cut" position for increased safety.
  • Ergonomically, lightweight designed 5-times use grip module for optimized cost of ownership.
  • Single use cutting modules for consistent cutting performance in every procedure.
  • Single use valve module incl. reducer Ø 10 mm to 5 mm for constant pressure even during instrument changes.
  • You can chose between a tenaculum and 2 x 3 claw forceps in 330 mm or 420 mm working length.

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