The Service Partner by Your Side

Because of these challenges, it is vital that you can rely on the resources you have to provide the best care possible for patients.
INFOCUS partners with you to empower your clinicians with patient ready equipment and to provide the insights to help shape smoother clinical workflows and more productive staff.

An Uncompromising Focus on Patient Outcomes

Not All Uptime is Created Equally
Just like you, everything we do is in the best interest of patients. As partners in better outcomes, it is this shared ambition that pushes us to help you prioritize quality procedures by providing patient-ready equipment.

The INFOCUS Team Understands Details Matter
We believe all our devices deserve the same care and attention that went into creating them. That’s why INFOCUS experts are uniquely equipped with the best tools and latest knowledge behind the cutting edge science that makes your Olympus devices special.

With INFOCUS We Are Uncompromising on Quality
INFOCUS protected equipment is serviced to its original design, using genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and processes, to safeguard the performance and outcomes you invested in.

Advancing Better Outcomes With Personalized Data and Insights

The Best Repair Never Happens
Our prime objective wherever possible is to identify and minimize disruptions to workflows. Our INFOCUS experts work diligently to analyze your Olympus-installed base and share valuable insights with you via regular reviews.

INFOCUS Puts You in Control
Because protecting uptime is a shared responsibility, we work collaboratively using data to guide you to get the most out of your equipment. This laser-focus on maintaining optimal uptime helps to enable the procedure planning and revenue flow certainty you need to plan ahead.

INFOCUS Learns and Adapts
We continually invest in new technologies and training to ensure we stay ahead of the curve. It’s only through ongoing innovation that we can deliver the optimal levels of equipment uptime and operational efficiency you require today and tomorrow.

INFOCUS Helps You Accomplish More

INFOCUS Keeps You on Track
INFOCUS simplifies your working day, reducing the complexity and stress that can hold you back. From minor advice to major technical issues INFOCUS helps to provide the certainty you need when you need it.

INFOCUS Creates Partnerships That Last
More than 9 in 10 INFOCUS contracts are renewed4. You can rely on a dedicated team of experts readily available to provide the assistance and expertise required

INFOCUS Keeps It Personal
Every INFOCUS contract is uniquely built around your needs. Our interaction has the one-to-one human touch of a trusted partner, backed by the competency of a global MedTech innovation leader with unsurpassed experience.

INFOCUS Expertise Goes Beyond What You Can See

Bringing to life the possibilities of what you can achieve when you have the ultimate service partner on your side. Every INFOCUS contract is supported by a team of expert territory managers, uptime support managers, field service engineers and customer care professionals who know you and your Olympus equipment best. They work together with you to deliver a seamless and integrated Olympus experience striving to ensure your equipment is performing optimally and patient ready.

Learn More From Our INFOCUS Experts

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Get in touch with your Olympus Service Territory Manager for more detailed information and your personalized INFOCUS Service Contract.

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