EndoTherapy Devices for Any Endoscopic Procedure

EndoTherapy Devices for Any Endoscopic Procedure

EndoTherapy Devices for Any Endoscopic Procedure


Why Choose EndoTherapy Devices from Olympus?

Olympus offers a wide range of endoscopic devices designed to precisely match all Olympus endoscopes and HF (high-frequency) generators.
Whether for a diagnostic or therapeutic endoscopic procedure, our complete endoscopic product portfolio ensures the right solution for all clinical needs.
Solutions are provided for basic surgery as well as for advanced procedures such as ERCP, ESD and EUS.
Olympus warmly invites you to discover our products, solutions and further insights on what makes us a strong partner at your side.

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Education and Networking

What`s in It for You? ​
Strengthen your procedure skills and train with online tutorials, training videos and e-learnings.​

Visit our new healthcare education portal - Continuum - offering a wide range of training resources from day-to-day procedures in upper and lower GI cases to advanced procedures, such as ERCP, ESD and EUS.

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Only High Quality Deserves Your Hand!​
As the market leader in GI endoscopy we provide you with the diagnostic and therapeutic devices needed for high-quality surgery.​

Olympus EndoTherapy devices are designed atraumatically designed, perfectly matching the working channel and potentially lowering the number of repairs.

Did you know that a majority of repairs, for example damaged working channels, are the result of mismatched instruments? ​


Your Daily Challenge: Highest Patient Care and Efficient Workflows
With our unique products, such as ENDOCUFF VISION™ and new imaging technologies of the most advanced endoscopy system EVIS X1 we provide you with the tools to increase the efficiency of endoscopic procedures.

Together with a dedicated supply chain and services along with rapid repairs and replenishment you can maintain your tight schedule. ​

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A Strong Partner to Rely On​
Either face-to-face or on digital channels, a strong relationship with you is our key to success.​ “Understanding the individual needs and requirements and mutually developing the optimal solution is only possible through partnership with my customers.”​
(Jens-Oliver Clasen, Sales Representative at Olympus Germany)​

To keep track of developments within the endoscopy field, Olympus continues to be a highly active member of leading societies in gastroenterology, such as ESGE (European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy) and UEG (United European Gastroenterology).​

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Endoscopic Procedures

ERCP — Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography

While endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) is a valuable therapeutic intervention for many patients with pancreatobiliary disorders, the procedure presents unique challenges and patient risks.

Having the right ERCP tools will allow you to effectively exchange devices, ensuring a more efficient procedure. Let the Olympus ERCP portfolio with our VisiGlide guidewires, the guidewire locking device CleverLock, CleverCut 3 V preloaded sphincterotomes or the two-in-one sphincterotome and papillary dilation balloon StoneMaster V be your key to success in access, exchange and therapy.

Learn more about our ERCP portfolio

ESD — Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection

Advancing the Evolution of ESD

Endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) is an effective technique for removing cancerous or other abnormal tissues from the digestive tract. Olympus has pioneered the ESD technique and developed devices designed to work seamlessly with Olympus scopes and to make your procedures more efficient and safer:

  • With the addition of a convenient jet, DualKnife J, HookKnife J and TriangleTipKnife J aim to make operations easier and reduce the time it takes to perform a procedure.
  • Coagrasper is a very efficient hemostatic forceps to allow reliable hemostasis during ESD and EMR procedures.
  • Olympus also offers dedicated ESD training materials and training courses.

See our Healthcare Education Material for ESD >

Take a closer look into our ET-Catalog for a full overview of our Endotherapy devices:
Polypectomy, EMR and ESD

Learn more about ESD

POEM — Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy

Achalasia is a primary esophageal motility disorder with the main symptoms dysphagia (swallowing difficulty), regurgitation of undigested food and chest pain. Dysphagia tends to become worse slowly but progressively.

POEM (peroral endoscopic myotomy) is an endoscopic procedure developed by Professor Haru Inoue to cure achalasia. The steps include: 1. saline is injection, 2. incision of esophageal mucosa, 3. tunneling in the submucosal space, 4. myotomy of the circular muscles, and finally 5. closure of the mucosal defect by endoscopy clips.

Olympus is proud to offer excellent products for POEM such as the dedicated TriangleTipKnife J, Coagrasper and Clips for closure of the incision.

In addition, we also support POEM education.

See our Healthcare Education Material for POEM.

Take a closer look into our ET-Catalog for a full overview of our Endotherapy devices:
Polypectomy, EMR, ESD and POEM

EUS — Endoscopic Ultrasound

Endoscopic ultrasound combines the advantages of the two medical disciplines endoscopy and ultrasonography.

EUS-FNA/FNB needles (EZShot 3 and EZShot 3 Plus)

The superior flexibility of our needles helps smooth access and targeting for EUS-FNA and EUS-FNB, and allows endoscopists to obtain tissue from difficult scope positions.

Key characteristics of our needles:

  • Resilient needle shape.
  • Echogenic needle tip enhanced for ultrasound visibility.
  • Sharp needle tip.
  • Coil sheath with multilayered construction.
  • Access from wider angles.
  • Improved handle maneuverability.
  • Access from wider angles.

Interventional Pulmonology

As the world leader in endoscopy, Olympus provides cutting-edge medical technology to health-care professionals around the globe. In the respiratory field, Olympus provides a wide range of innovative solutions — not only bronchoscopes but also solutions for endobronchial ultrasound, peripheral and pediatric bronchoscopy, as well as EndoTherapy instruments. Olympus continually innovates in order to provide the most advanced equipment to support progress in respiratory diagnosis and treatment.

Learn more about Pulmonology >

EndoTherapy Products

Further Products for Key Procedures

ENDOCUFF VISION™, a single-use device attached to the distal end of a colonoscope, has been shown to increase adenoma detection rates (ADR)* by manipulating colonic folds and maximizing visualization during colonoscopy, hence decreasing the overall polyp miss rate.

NICE - (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) publishes evidence-based recommendations on ENDOCUFF VISION™ for assisting visualization during colonoscopy.

Find out all about our innovative ENDOCUFF VISION™ technology on the dedicated website

* Steele SR, Johnson EK, Champagne B, et al. Endoscopy and polyps — diagnostic and therapeutic advances in management. World J Gastroenterol. 2013;19(27):4277-4288


Endoscopic hemostasis of gastrointestinal bleeding can be accomplished by various means, including injection, thermal coagulation and mechanical tamponade, like clipping or ligation.

The QuickClip Pro helps to maximize the efficacy of the clipping procedure by reducing tissue damage and the risk of rebleeding. It is made from Elgiloy, a high-strength alloy that is stronger yet more flexible than stainless steel, making it unique.

With the NeedleMaster, Olympus is taking needle injection to an even higher level. This innovative product offers excellent puncture performance with a new three-bevel tip, high-flow lumen for high-viscosity liquid and an ergonomic handle design with a nonslip surface.

When a situation requires an operative distance from instrument to tissue, our argon plasma coagulation probes are the right choice. A range of three different tip designs (axial, lateral and radial) covers the majority of gastrointestinal and respiratory applications.

To minimize the risk of sudden bleeding during polypectomy, the secure ligation of small and large polyps can be performed. The PolyLoop, our preassembled and ready to use device, makes endoscopic ligation safe, simple and effective.

Tissue Sampling

The quality of the tissue sample is the be-all and end-all of histopathologic evaluation and diagnosis. Olympus offers a wide range of products to ensure efficient sample acquisition and safe specimen handling.

Our comprehensive line-up of biopsy forceps features a double-step blade, large cup volume and swing jaw design for easy targeting and the save collection of clean-edged specimens.

Olympus offers a wide range of polypectomy snares, available in several wire types, loop diameters and shapes. SnareMaster Plus is the latest addition to the SnareMaster family, offering an ideal solution for cold snare polypectomy.

Our SafeSnap Polyp Traps portfolio is designed to efficiently capture samples and safely handle the specimens for further evaluation.

Luminal Patency

HANAROSTENT® metallic stents are hand-made, high-quality, self-expandable metallic stents covering the areas of esophagus, biliary tract, duodenum and colon. The unique Cross & Hook nitinol wire structure allows a high flexibility of the stent as well as maintaining the lumen even when subjected to bending within the anatomy.

EZDilate 3-stage dilation balloons are available in a full range of fixed wire and wire-guided size options for use in esophageal, pyloric, colonic and papillary applications.

Foreign Body Removal

Endoscopic foreign body retrieval offers a minimally invasive method for extractions of foreign bodies or ingested objects from the gastrointestinal tract. Olympus offers an extensive lineup of foreign body retrieval devices to meet every clinical situation, from polyp and stent retrieval to the removal of dentures, bones, coins, buttons and marbles.

Olympus High-Frequency Generators — Energy Built on Experience

With the ESG-300, Olympus has created a product that is dedicated to the needs of the endoscopist and that simultaneously overcomes the complexity associated with multipurpose generators. It focuses on providing a simple, safe and smart source of energy.

Performing more complex procedures like an ESD or argon plasma coagulation (APC), the ESG-300 together with the APU-300 can adapt to meet all electrosurgical needs.

For day-to-day applications like routine polypectomy, the user-friendly ESG-150 is the best choice offering outstanding effectiveness.

Learn more about the GI energy portfolio

Procedural Efficiency Support Products

Olympus single-use procedural efficiency products are designed that you get the most from your endoscopic equipment, to improve patient outcomes, while reducing the risk of cross contamination and increasing procedural efficiency.

The latest addition to this product family is CleverShield. The single-use air/water, suction and biopsy valve kit provides a secure air/water flow and suction rate. Paired with our fully disposable tubing portfolio it provides you with a high irrigation and insufflation performance, while meeting todays Hygiene Standards. The tubing is additionally designed to work perfectly with OFP-2 pumps and UCR insufflators, for optimal flushing and lens cleaning results.

For upper endoscopy procedures, Olympus offers a single-use, latex- free mouthpiece that protects patients´ teeth and gums, as well as your scope, from damage.

To reduce the risk of damage and recontamination, PROTECH protects the endoscope during transport and storage. With only two touching points on the endoscope, the protection device allows good aeration and standard-compliant drying of endoscopes according to EN16442.

The manual cleaning of the endoscope after a procedure is imperative in order to remove biological burden and is the critical first step before high-level disinfection. To make this workflow effective and safe for all Olympus endoscopes, including the latest EVIS X1 endoscope series, the validated single-use cleaning brushes have been designed to provide the optimal outcome.

Learn more about the largest portfolio of supporting products for improved standards of care in endoscopy

More Than 1,800 EndoTherapy Devices

Did you know... For all Olympus EndoTherapy devices, technical specifications, order information and compatibilities are listed in our online EndoTherapy catalog. Stop wasting time searching for therapeutic or diagnostic devices for endoscopic procedures — they are all available right here.

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