About Olympus Medical Systems

At Olympus Medical Systems, we focus on improving patient care quality every day. We do this through developing and designing world-leading, clinically-advanced, precision technologies and services. Our products enable healthcare professionals, from a broad range of specialties, to ‘peer’ inside the body, using endoscopic procedures. This allows them to see more and do more. By focusing on early detection and minimally invasive treatment of a broad range of diseases, our mutual mission is to improve patient outcomes, minimize discomfort, and accelerate the recovery process. Our innovative technologies and services can also optimize workflow and maximize operational efficiency.

True to Life

Advancing medical technologies to make the most of life

At Olympus we believe everyone should have the opportunity to make the most of life. Every day we are advancing medical technology solutions to elevate the standard of care, to see and treat diseases, but most of all to help people everywhere fulfil their desires, their curiosity, their dreams, their ambition, and their lives.
It’s a philosophy we call: True to Life

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Leading in Early Diagnosis and Minimally Invasive Treatment

Olympus provides a comprehensive lineup of solutions for early diagnosis and minimally invasive therapy, suitable for a range of diseases. Our pioneering experience in these fields has led us to develop unique technologies and services, which match, and often exceed, physicians’ and surgeons’ increasing demands. Simultaneously, our technologies and services help to improve the quality of life of patients, as well as reduce their healthcare expenses.

See and Treat Early Diagnosis, minimally Invasive Therapy

Facts about Olympus Medical Systems

The global market share of Olympus in the field of gastrointestinal endoscopy is approximately 70%.

More than
different EndoTherapy devices, serving as a comprehensive portfolio for endoscopic diagnosis and treatment procedures.

Its unique integration of bipolar and ultrasonic energy has made THUNDERBEAT the fastest growing energy device. 3

Top 100 Global Innovator company 2

65years of contribution to early diagnosis.

Inventor of the
world’s first practical

7.35 million colonoscopies are performed annually with Olympus endoscopes in Europe (approximately). Endoscopic colonoscopy is the most effective method for early detection of colorectal cancer. 1

patents held in the medical business.

More than
500 fully integrated ORs from Olympus have been installed across Europe since the introduction of the first integrated operation room a decade ago.

1 Zauber, Ann et al. (2012): Colonoscopic Polypectomy and Long-Term Prevention of Colorectal-Cancer Deaths, in: The New England Journal of Medicine, 366: 687-696.

2 http://top100innovators.stateofinnovation.com/

3 Based on internal analysis.

Working with Doctors for Doctors

Since the invention of the world’s first practical gastrocamera, Olympus has been working closely with healthcare professionals continuously. Our mutual mission is to identify better and more economical solutions for medical issues. Olympus matches its innovative capabilities in medical technology and precision manufacturing with doctors’ skills, in providing the best possible outcomes for patients and society as a whole.

Partnerships with Integrity

Olympus is fully committed to conducting partnerships between the industry, healthcare professionals (HCP), and healthcare organizations (HCO), in a fair and ethical manner and in full compliance with the laws and regulations. This includes:

  • MedTech Europe membership and strict commitment to the five basic principles of the MedTech Code of Ethical Business Practice:

    Separation, Transparency, Equivalence, Documentation, Image and Perception

  • Comprehensive employee training with regard to laws, regulations and internal rules.

  • Medical Affairs Division, separated from the Sales and Marketing organization, managing and monitoring HCP/HCO interactions; including Grants and Charitable Donations, Clinical Studies, and Professional Education.

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Contact & Support

If you need help or would like to learn more about Olympus products or solutions, get in touch with us. We’re more than happy to accept your inquiry.